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Dawn Lee Thompson’s artwork captures the combination of serenity and drama revealed in the best of traditional glass craft, while incorporating a modern sensibility. She blends traditional materials and design elements with contemporary colors, composition and subject matter to create truly one of a kind works of art.

Working with the finest materials and her expert craftsmanship, Dawn strives to create an emotional response with her work. Each piece heightens the visual impact of her subject by utilizing the play of light against and through colors and textures of glass, thereby transforming the entire space. Her glasswork is sold in regional galleries, and examples of her major installations can be seen in the Waverly Public Library, Independence Public Library and East Dubuque Savings Bank.

John P Thompson has earned his living as a professional illustrator for over 20 years. Starting as a comic book artist, he soon moved to commercial illustration, specializing in the scratchboard technique.  John showed his versatilty by creating illustration for high profile clients in acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil and pen and ink. In the '90's he expanded his skills to include digital and 3D illustration. His clients include Chrysler Motor co., AT&T, M&M Mars, Rockwell Collins and Con-Edison. He currently works as an illustrator for High 5 Games.

John's work is defined by outstanding draftsmanship and a bold style. He has a great love of pin-up and painting the female form in classic pin-up style. He is also a skilled sculptor and animator.

John and Dawn Thompson are dedicated to making art to the exacting specifications of their clients, and work to make each piece special and unique. From their Hudson Valley home and studio, they create artworks that travel the world. From creating stunning stained glass centerpieces for homes and businesses, to cutting-edge visuals for advertising, Indeestudios is your one-stop shop for custom artwork.